The Project

This project will distribute improved energy efficiency cookstoves to families in the Western Region of Ghana. Almost three-quarters of households in Ghana employ traditional open fire stoves for cooking, which produce significant greenhouse gas emissions and expose families to high concentrations of toxic smoke. The improved cookstoves provided by Vida Carbon and Aera reduce energy loss and generate heat more efficiently.

Families will be provided cookstoves at a significantly reduced cost, trained to operate them effectively, and educated on the advantages in comparison to open fire stoves. The cookstoves will be serialized and tracked to ensure the successful monitoring of the project and collect feedback from users.

This project achieves 7 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, with co-benefits including:

  • Health benefits derived from improved air quality
  • Employment opportunities via cookstoves production and distribution
  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of nearby forests due to lowered wood fuel consumption 
  • Reduced manual labour involved in wood collection, a responsibility which primarily falls to women.

The project is currently in the deployment phase. 

This project delivers a meaningful impact in the lives of local communities and creates numerous co-benefits. 

Gold Standard 1385

The Project Developer

Based in France, AERA is the largest independent carbon financing group in Africa. Since founding in 2015, AERA has achieved a strong track record of successful project implementation driven by their mission to facilitate and accelerate the climate transition in Africa through carbon credits. They are a world leader in the development of carbon credits with a €550m portfolio.

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