The Project

This project will distribute 300,000 improved energy efficiency cookstoves to families in rural villages in Odisha, India. Cooking in this region is traditionally done on open fire stoves that expose families to high concentrations of toxic smoke while producing significant greenhouse gas emissions. The improved cookstoves provided by Vida Carbon and CCX reduce energy loss and generate heat more efficiently.

Cookstoves will be distributed at little to no cost to the users. Participating families will be trained on cookstove operation, cleaning, and informed of their advantages in comparison to their current open fire stove.  The cookstoves will be serialized and tracked to ensure the success of the project and collect feedback from end users. 

This project achieves 9 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, delivering co-benefits such as:

  • Health benefits derived from improved air quality
  • Employment opportunities in local communities through cookstove distribution, installation, and maintenance
  • Reduced deforestation and degradation of nearby forests due to reduced firewood requirements
  • Reduced manual labour involved in wood collection, a responsibility which primarily falls to women.

The project is currently in the cookstove deployment phase. 

This project is highly scalable  whilst achieving numerous co-benefits, and significant geographical reach. 

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The Project Developer

Core CarbonX (CCX) is a climate and sustainability consulting firm serving clients in more than 12 countries. Since 2008, CCX has been involved in implementing, advising, and marketing dozens of emission reduction projects across Asia and Africa, including renewable energy, plastic waste recycling, habitat restoration, afforestation, methane reduction in rice plantations, and improved energy efficiency cookstove distribution.

Improved Efficiency Cookstoves in Ghana

Improved Energy Efficiency

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